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Staying Safe with Online Dating

Online Dating Tip 1: Protect Your Identity. This is pretty basic really. Personal details like your last name, phone number, and address really should not be revealed until you are pretty certain about the safety of the person you are communicating with

Online Dating Tip 2: Consistency. Pay attention to how consistent the information the person you are corresponding with is. If you get any misgivings, end it

Online Dating Tip 3: Stalkers. You must end all communication if the other person becomes obsessive or s pressing you to get more information about you

Online Dating Tip 4: Reputation. Use a reputable online dating agency. Preferably one that has met all it's users and can track them down. Again as was pointed out before, these sorts of agencies may cost some money to join but your safety is well worth it

Online Dating Tip 5: Listen to your instincts. If you sense elusiveness or just are not really sold on the person, move on. It may be issues like the use of foul language or different ethics.Whatever it is, if it does not feel right, just gracefully end it

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