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Tips For ladies using Online dating Agencies

  • Be yourself. If this is Mr. Right, you are better off bagging him because of who you are rather than who you pretend to be. Obvious really
  • Listen to what he has to say. It is during this process that he gives you clues about who he really is. If you spend the entire date talking about yourself you run the risk of boring him, no matter how interesting you think you are. Also most men are flattered if you show genuine interest in what he has to say
  • Dress comfortably and mildly conservatively. Struggling to walk in the new high heeled shoes you just bought just lets the side down. Avoid bright colors and over revealing clothes. Unless of course you normally wear bright colors and over revealing clothes
  • If he asks you about your ex tell him in a short and precise manner. Don't give him a whole story of how terrible he was and the odd habits he had. That is the way to ensure no second date. Also no one likes excess baggage
  • Do not douse yourself with the whole bottle of perfume or use an overpowering scent. He might wonder if you are hiding something!!
  • Don't take him home on a first date. Just so not subtle [screaming i need to have sex] and not safe
  • If after the date you decide he is not for you, let him know gently but honestly. You will find that more often that not, if you are getting the wrong vibes, so is he!

Before you go on the date

  • Take a few minutes to determine what you want out of this date. Do you want to get to know him better with a view to a long term relationship? Do you just want a casual sexual relationship? Do you want a non sexual relationship? Are you just shopping for a friend rather than a lover?
You must decide before you go out what you expect from this person.

  • Determine what are the important qualities you are looking for before you go out. It is easy to get distracted when on a date, agree a second date and then remember that this is not what you want in a life partner
  • Think about your positive attributes and remind yourself he is lucky to be on a date with you

  • Determine to focus on him during the date rather than on yourself and your insecurities [all girls have insecurities, just ignore them for the night]. It would be dreadful to spend the night worrying about whether he likes you or not. Instead focus on whether you like him or not!

  • Take care of your whole body, take a shower, apply nice moisturizer to your skin, wear underwear that makes you feel good. This will give you a positive buzz
  • Think positive happy thoughts just before you set off on your date. This gives you a warm glow

During The Date

  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Under no circumstances can you allow yourself to get drunk


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