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Reasons to use an online dating agency

  • As a successful professional, your time is precious. Traditional dating methods, ie go out meet someone appropriate, [how often does that happen?], go on a few dates, get to know them, find out you are not compatible, part ways and go out searching again, are not an option.

How often would you need to go out and socialize and how many people will you have to meet before bumping into Mr or Miss right?

Dating agencies are a solution because all you have to do is specify what you want in your prospective date and the online dating agency does the search for you

Also, instead of continual socializing in the hope of meeting someone to consider, and we know this could take weeks; dating agencies already have a list of clients who are also looking for a partner. This means an almost instant list of possible partners

  • Using  the agencies listed on this site, your anonymity is preserved. No online catalogues that could be viewed by all and sundry
It's your private business, so it should remain private

  • If you have special requirements, based on religion or cultural background or even social status, these are easily accommodated by reputable online dating agencies
  • You can review the Online dating agencies reputation by visiting  the regulatory body before using them. Eg in UK Association of British Introduction Agencies
  • Most reputable Online dating agencies offer an email service whereby they can update you with news and tips on dating
  • Meeting a person via a reputable dating agency, rather than at the local pub, offers you some degree of security. If anything goes wrong eg scam, they can be traced via the online dating agency . Note this applies with the agencies listed on this site because they meet every customer before accepting them into there database.


Disclaimer: Online dating for professional people does not guarantee success using any of the dating agencies listed here. We are affiliates of all agencies listed.