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Tips on using online dating agencies without falling prey of scams

Always use a reputable agency

Never reveal your bank details, credit card details or other financial documents to your date

Be aware of the scams out there.

If your date asks for money, walk away. This is most likely a scam

Never take him or her home on the first date

Always meet in a public place on the first date

Take things slowly, be absolutely sure before commiting to anyone

Be honest with yourself and your date. If you have any doubts, get out of there

Some indicators of scam

Your date tells you they have had a serious accident or need an operation and would like you to 'lend' them money towards the bill

Your date tells you they are having temporary financial difficulty and need you to pay for their transport

Your date tells you that they are stuck overseas and would like you to pay to get them over

You must be aware of

The Russian brides scam

The Nigerian dating scam

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