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Advantages of online dating agencies

In the past online dating agencies had a bit of a stigma attached to them

But we have come a long way

As people have developed more and more busy schedules, an increasing number of opeople have turned to online dating agencies for it's simplicity and speed

Now online dating is an established part of our social scene and it is here to stay

So here are some  reasons to use online dating agencies


  • You can fit your online dating schedule around your work schedule. This is especially useful if you work nusual hours
  • You don't have to get dressed for the date. You're online remember
  • No queues or waiting for the the waiter to take our orders, at least not initially
  • Where else can you find a large number and wide variety of people all interested in finding a date, all in one place?

  • You can go through a lot of profiles in a short period of time. That's looking at a large number of potential dates in no time.
  • You can quickly dispense with the basics ie what do they do for a living, ther likes and dislikes, hobbies etc and get on with getting to know them.
  • Because no time is spent getting their basics, it's all in their profile; you can quickly decide, based on early contacts whether to proceed or not. In offline dating, how many dates go by before you find out their likes or dislikes?
Less embarassing

  • If you decide that the person is not for you, it is less embarassing to let them down in the online dating scene

Disclaimer: Online dating for professional people does not guarantee success using any of the dating agencies listed here. We are affiliates of all agencies listed.